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People with disabilities can apply for a range of handicap parking permit options, including both placards and license plates. Permits must be renewed, and expiration dates vary based on the placard or license plate type. You can also request replacements for lost, stolen, or damaged placards and license plates.

Read below for more information about disability placards and plates in Minnesota.

Types of MN Disability Plates & Placards

The Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) issues several types of permits for handicapped parking:

– A placard, also called a certificate, if you have a disability that is: – Temporary. – Short-term. – Long-term. OR

– Permanent.

– Standard. – Specialty. – Veteran.

Both handicap placards and license plates allow you to park in:

– Spaces designated for people with disabilities. – Metered parking spaces for free. – Spaces with posted time limits for an extended time.

You CANNOT park in spaces clearly marked as “no parking or standing” areas.

Traveling with Disability Placards & Plates

You DO NOT need a MN handicap parking permit when visiting the state if you have a disability placard or license plate from your home state. MN recognizes all handicap placards and plates from all other states.

If you have a MN disability placard or plate, you can use it for disability parking in any other state. You must obey that state’s parking regulations, which may differ from Minnesota’s.

Apply for a Minnesota Disability Permit

The MN DVS accepts disabled placard and license plate applications by mail or in person.

Applications require medical certification of your disability.

Disability Placards

To apply for a Minnesota disability parking placard, you will need:

– The Application for Disability Parking Certificate (Form PS2005). – The medical certification must be completed by a licensed physician.

Temporary placard: $5. Short-term placard: $5. Long-term and permanent placards: Free.

Submit your application and any required fees to the MN DVS office in person or by mail to the address on the form.

License Plates

Minnesota disabled license plates are available in both:

– The standard MN plate design. – Several specialty plate designs. – Some specialty designs may have higher fees.

To apply for disability license plates or disabled veteran license plates:

– Complete the Application for Special Plates (Form PS2010), including medical certification by one of the following: – Licensed physician. – Physician’s assistant. – Advanced practice registered nurse. – Chiropractor.

– $15.50 for 2 plates. – $13.50 for 1 plate. – $11 filing fee. Additional fees for special plates, vehicle registration, or registration renewal, if applicable.

Renew a Disability Placard or Plate

Disability placards and license plates expire and must be renewed:

Temporary placards: 1 to 6 months. Short-term placards: 7 to 12 months. Long-term: placards: 12 to 71 months. Permanent placards: 6 years. Disability license plates are valid for the length of your car registration.

Non-Permanent Handicap Placards

To renew temporary, short-term, and long-term placards, you must:

– Complete the Application for Disability Parking Certificate (Form PS2005). – Get new medical certification. – The doctor must clearly state that your disability certification is being extended.

Renewal is free IF the disability permit is being extended. Otherwise, you will pay the same fees as a new placard:

– Temporary placard: $5. – Short-term placard: $5. – Long-term placards: Free.

You can submit your renewal:

By mail to the address on the form. OR

In person at a Minnesota DPS office.

Permanent Disability Placards

To renew a permanent Minnesota disability placard, you will receive a renewal notice in the mail. You must:

– Complete the renewal notice. – Get re-certification from your doctor IF required (re-certification requirement is randomly chosen). – Return the completed renewal notice by mail OR in person. – See renewal form for instructions.

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